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Need tooling for your DOOSAN machine center?

DOOSAN Tooling Catalog is equipped with rotary and static / fixed tool holders to fit DOOSAN machine center specific application needs. EXSYS-EPPINGER DOOSAN Tooling Catalog has saved DOOSAN machine center operators time and money through rigid, accurate and efficient tooling practices. See the difference in how PRECI-FLEX can change the way you machine. Our complete DOOSAN Horizontal CNC Lathe line includes: Lynx 220LM, Puma TT1500SY / TT1800SY, Puma 2500Y, Puma 2000Y, Puma 1500Y, Puma 240, Puma 230, TT2000 / TT2500, MX2000 / MX2500 / MX3000, Inverturn, Puma 300, Puma 400, Puma 600, Puma 700, Puma 800, VT1100.