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DOOSAN Tooling Catalogs and Downloads

EXSYS-EPPINGER DOOSAN Tooling Catalog is equipped with rotary and static / fixed tool holders to fit DOOSAN machine center specific application needs. EXSYS-EPPINGER has saved DOOSAN machine center operators time and money through rigid, accurate and efficient tooling practices. See the difference in how PRECI-FLEX can change the way you machine. Our complete DOOSAN Horizontal CNC Lathe line includes: DOOSAN Lynx 220LM, Puma TT1500SY / TT1800SY, Puma 2500Y, Puma 2000Y, Puma 1500Y, Puma 240, Puma 230, TT2000 / TT2500, MX2000 / MX2500 / MX3000, Inverturn, Puma 300, Puma 400, Puma 600, Puma 700, Puma 800, VT1100 and many more.

PRECI-FLEX Adapter Catalog 

The modular system by EXSYS-EPPINGER opens new dimensions with precision, flexibility and economy. Its interface is based on a well known collet pocket. 

The conical and flat face planar interface ensures highest accuracy and rigidity. Collets, end mill holders, expanding collet chucks, shrink fit tooling, to name the most important ones, can all be mounted on a single base holder. Exchanging pre-set tools reduce expensive machine downtime to almost zero. DOOSAN PRECI-FLEX Tooling adapters may be interchanged among static-fixed and rotary base tool holders. Our compact design assures maximum torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and consequently improved productivity. EXSYS-EPPINGER PRECI-FLEX Adapter Catalog contains detailed information on an assortment of Inch and Metric versions: Weldon Shanks, Weldon Shank Extended, Shell Mill Arbor Adapter, Whistle Notch Adapter, Boring bar Holders, Collet Chuck Extended, Collet Chuck Standard, Collet Chuck Small Extended and many other items.

DOOSAN Accessory Tooling Catalog

Get the accessories you need with EXSYS-EPPINGER Accessory Tooling Catalog. Inside our catalog is a wide array of Collets, Collet Nuts, Tapping Collets, Spanner Wrenches, Sealing Rings, Bushings, Tapper Sleeves, Collet Chucks, Coolant Supply, Drives, Adapter, Inserts, Milling Accessories, and more. EXSYS-EPPINGER accessories are chosen based on high quality vendors who meet strict standards to form fit DOOSAN accessory tooling needs.

Additional PRECI-FLEX Downloads

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