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Who is EXSYS Tool?

EXSYS TOOL, Inc. leads the way in rotary tooling since 1987. Headquartered on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida, EXSYS TOOL, Inc. specializes in offering rotary and static-fixed tooling for most CNC turning centers. EPPINGER Tooling is imported exclusively through EXSYS TOOL, INC.

With offices in Florida, California and in Mexico, we are able to cover North, Central and South America's tooling needs. We have over 22,000 different types of tool holders that have been installed on most major machine tools. Our extensive knowledge of engineering applications enables us to support our customers with professional and cost saving solutions.

The company has expanded to include a 12,000 sq/ft warehouse stocked with rotary, static-fixed VDI and bolt-on tools for most lathe tool builders. Live or rotary tools are quickly becoming the standard on turning equipment due to their cost savings in combining manufacturing operations. Most European machines use the standard VDI interface, however, the trend is toward specialized interface at the digression of machine tool builder. This allows for maximum utilization of machining space and torque requirements. Knowing the difference between the machines is only one of the factors that make EXSYS TOOL the preferred choice of customers. A dedicated team of specialists can select the proper tool for the right machine.

EXSYS TOOL REPAIR, LLC's factory trained technicians with an extensive spare parts inventory are quick to follow up on repair or replacement of tools or components. Engineering challenges for new or existing tooling requirements may be handled by factory engineers on short notice. EXSYS TOOL Inc.'s complete staff works together as a customer support team for all tooling requirements.

Who is Eppinger?

EPPINGER CNC tool holders to DIN 69880 (shaft diameters ranging from 20mm to 60mm) are manufactured to precision levels far in excess of the required standards using advanced, patented production systems and facilities.

Their experience in tool manufacturing dates back to 1925, their team of skilled craftsmen, and the most advanced production methods available, are your guarantee of tools sophisticated in every detail.

We can process orders without delay thanks to our well stocked warehouse. This ensures that our customers’ important production processes run smoothly. The team at Eppinger can use their versatile production methods to satisfy one-of requirements or to produce custom designs quickly and efficiently.

  • Shank identical or similar to DIN 69880/T1

  • Shank, seating face and serration are hardened and ground

  • Different ratios for ideal cutting conditions

  • Different couplings (e.g. DIN 5481, DIN 5482, face coupling or spur gear

  • All wear parts are case-hardened

  • Tools with internal coolant supply available

  • Grease packing for lifetime

  • Multiple sealings and optimum bearing configuration

  • Rigid construction

Characteristics that define EXSYS-EPPINGER tooling:
EXSYS/Eppinger Philosophy

In the course of our company’s existence one fact has always been proven correct, if you want quality, you are better off to produce in-house. For this reason we value vertical integration, a single source, from the initial design to finished products, and last but not least, service and support. The final results are practical user friendly manufacturing solutions which stand above the rest in functionality and reliability.


The Fundamental Principles of the Designers


It's true, we differ quite a bit from the norm. To provide workable solutions for the most demanding customer we went off the beaten path by integrating new concepts from unconventional ideas. The results are numerous inventions and patents which provide a basis for our continued success.


The Machine Tool Builders Trust in Us


How the trust began and how the trust remain among Machine Tool Buiilders remains to this day. We are in close cooperation with the worldwide leading machine tool builders developed and manufactured tool holders to the exact requirements for specific machine tools.


The global recognition of our experience and development potential in addition to our absolute dependability are convincing arguments for machine tool builders.

For the end user it is a guarantee of performance capability.

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